Most of us have to go through making the decision whether to cheat or not. It actually does not happen unless we do make the decision, regardless of the excuses we may make to justify it.

The only way to succeed is to make friends with the truth. If you want something, say a piece of birthday cake, then plan for it. Fit it into a scheme that allows you to have it without feeling guilty.  Though we know that abstinence is the best policy, it is better to work a plan that says: I can have one small piece of cake for the birthday. I will make sure it fits into my carbohydrate count for the day.  Otherwise, if you give in, that usually starts a binge cycle.  So, while our goal may be  total abstinence, we will do better to acknowledge what we know to be the truth about ourselves than to say we won’t cheat, then give in to a massive sweet binge.  Just the act of thinking it through may be enough to make you decide it isn’t worth it.

Studies have shown that people are actually good at keeping promises, so promise yourself that you will plan and not allow the sugar to rule the way you eat. Make sure to have plenty of protein and fats before eating any sweet, which will mean your are more satisfied and won’t have the big sugar rush to the brain.

If possible, at most events, take something of your own making that allows you to feel a part of the fun without sacrificing your desire to be in control of the sugars. We can make good decisions, we do make all the decisions, the decisions are not being made for us. But we must remember the powerful effects of sugar, and do all in our power to not allow the sugar to run our lives.

Learning how to be,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

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