Daily Archives: June 6, 2011

Why it Matters

When you are young there are many good things going for you not the least of which is this wonderful thing called Growth Hormone (GH). The advantage of growth hormone is hard to overstate. Because a human child has a lot of growing and developing to do from fetus to fully fledged adult the body encourages this effort via several processes, but growth hormone can be thought of as a work horse in the body making sure the all the hormonal processes are working well, helping to build muscles, bones, organs, keeping the liver from holding on to too much glucose, and much more. The long and short of it is that people with lots of GH have a sturdy metabolism, a faster metabolism, which is why a young man of 18 years can eat from dawn to dusk, lots of less than ideal food, and still stay lean. I remember most of the boys in my family, my brothers and cousins, who would drink a half-gallon of milk a day, eat enormous meals, and complain constantly of being hungry. None of them were over weight.  Girls lose this advantage sooner than boys, and often notice a tendency to put on a few pounds as they get into their twenties, while the guys often have no real weight concerns until their thirties.  But that is changing in these days of gross amounts of overly refined sugars and starches. For the first time in history  we are seeing many overweight children, teens, and young adults.

Males continue to enjoy the muscle mass advantage until late middle age, but again, that is beginning to change as our nation becomes ever more obese. Indeed, as you have no doubt read and heard, we have an obesity epidemic.

Why it matters, is that any struggle with weight will be directly related to how much you ingest of sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined carbs. There may be a one-in-a-million person who is genetically overweight, but even in such a case, the last thing they would want to eat is the Threatening Three: sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined carbs.

There were no children in my classes in elementary school who would have qualified as fat. We had a few kids we called “stocky” or “husky”; kids who nine times out of ten grew out of their baby fat by high school or college. Look at a school class now and the numbers of obese children is significant, and this is very scary.

Obesity means not only the misery of being fat, not being able to run, play, have social relationships of the quality you might want, but it means serious health issues in the making. The best known is diabetes, a disease that causes a list of horrors, and slow descent to ever worse health and eventually death. But most of what is being called diseases of the west, or modernity, is a product of a diet we did not evolve to eat, and are ill equipped to handle. Sugars/carbs cause obesity which causes heart disease, this is well known; sugar is implicated in autoimmune diseases like arthritis and lupus; and is increasingly being linked to cancer.  Cancer cells live on glucose/sugars, so even if the cancer was not caused directly by sugar, it literally feeds the cancer.

For me it mattered that I felt owned and controlled by the cravings beast I have only half-jokingly called the Kraken, since the Threatening Three released this monster in my mind and kept me constantly thinking about food and eating, even when I had just had a huge meal. I hated how I felt so out of control.

You undoubtedly have your own list of reasons you would like to be free of the weight and the cravings, whatever they are, we can all be in possession of the one thing that can save us years of declining health, and daily misery, and that is abstinence. Get sugar sober and be free.

More to come,                                                                                                                            Sugarbaby