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Glucose vs Fructose: Both are Bad for You

A recent study* showed that fructose is actually worse than plain sugar or glucose. But we know both are bad for us, despite the insistence on the part of many in the medical and nutrition camps that want to tell us to have all the fruit we want.

For people who have become insulin resistant (if you are over weight you are), and even more significant, leptin resistant, then sugar is not just negative, it is bad—regardless of the source.

Natural sugars from fruit, honey, maple syrup, sorghum, yacon syrup are still sugars. They will continue to cause the plague of constant cravings, and ultimately lead to abuse of the natural source. A few pieces of fruit, especially from high sugar varieties like melons, bananas, figs, and the like, are as bad or worse than the person who only puts a teaspoon of sugar in coffee, for the cravings for ever more sugars and starches get worse with time and age and stress to mention the most common.

Fruit, sugars may be controlled for some people, but I doubt they would make their way to this blog or others that decry the dangers of sweets/sweeteners for the population that is growing ever fatter and ever more unhealthy.

So don’t be persuaded by the fruit aka fructose is good for you argument. It is not if you are a sugaraholic.


Working towards better health,

Nan aka Sugarbaby