Daily Archives: June 14, 2011

Everywhere You Turn There is Sugar

I went into a popular department store today to pick up a couple of items and not for the first time was shaking my head over the fact that even non-food stores seems determined to make us eat.  No doubt marketing research is behind this product placement, but it boggles the mind to figure out why there needs to be Godiva chocolate bars at the brassiere register. Or, the shoes, or just about any of the many check out in these stores.

Not so many years ago you had to at least go to a chocolate department, aisle, or store to get such sweets, but getting through any store without the assault of sugar everywhere you turn is becoming a challenge.

What about parents trying to get the week’s shopping done when the worst hazard is the checkout aisle, where both sides are lined with candy, soda, and gum, even baked goods nowadays.

So here comes the tired harassed, probably highly stressed customer trying to just get the underwear or shoes or salad greens for dinner, and s/he must run the gauntlet to get out of the store without succumbing to the dozens of sugary/starchy options just in arms reach.

As I experienced for many years, you may do well for days and weeks avoiding the foods that are most addictive, but given the right amount of stresses, a low day or hour, and most people will fall victim to the barrage.

What we who finally recognize our status as sugaraholics must keep in mind is that the addictive quality is what puts these foods in those places to begin with. Researchers know how easily we will give in, and those dollars add up quickly.

What we sugaraholics also have to recognize is that we cannot so much as entertain the idea of having any amount of the sugars-artificial sweeteners-starches without become once again caught up in days of bingeing.

Imagine how this scenario would be for an alcoholic. What if they had to face bottles of gin, whiskey, and wine at every checkout? They would soon become prisoners in their homes if they found it too challenging.

More and more I order as much as I can online to avoid having to traverse the stores and their irritating product placement. Even drug stores will ask at the checkout: Would you like to try our 2-for-1 candy bars?  No! I’m trying to be healthy; wouldn’t one at least expect a drug store to help in that process?  But apparently making profits out strips any other consideration.

The best defense is a good offense, as they say in sports. So look at this array of sweets for what it is, a way to manipulate people into buying something they do not need, or even want. I’ve decided I will not participate in such blatant money grubbing. There is always a better option waiting for me at home, or in a place where I am in control of the outcome.

Always on the defense against sugar,                                                                        Sugarbaby