Illness and Food

My house has been plagued by the flu this past few weeks, first one then the other of us, so we have been pretty wiped out. Biggest lesson learned:Don’t go to the Apple store on a Saturday. We rarely go to a mall, even less rarely go on a weekend, so when my spouse decided we needed to upgrade the gadgets, we went without considering the high volume of germs on all those lovely displays. We got sick within 48 hours of the visit.

Food and illness is not often discussed, other than the old adages I grew up with about starve a fever, and feed a cold. The first part is actually on target. If we pay attention to other animals, especially pets like cats and dogs, they don’t eat when they are sick or injured, though they will drink water. When we are sick or injured our bodies need to focus our energies on healing, not digesting food; so in general it is better to stick to broth type soups if we have anything. I made some yogurt from raw cream which has been my main nourishment.

I did notice some cravings for starch, but was able to satisfy them with some coconut butter and pineapple balls.

We rarely get sick being on such a good low-carb, mostly organic and grassfed/wild diet, but the upside to illnesses like the flu is that you do build up immunities.

Yours in good health,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

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