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Avoid Substitute Treat-Foods Like the Plague

One of the most common things you read on no-sweet, low carb, paleo-primal, and all other such blogs, is all the ways to make substitutes for all the junk/gluten/sugar/starch treats people have had trouble with before, and will keep having trouble with by trying to cook up faux treats.

I know some people seem to have control over these, but most do not, especially not anyone who identifies with being a sugaraholic. Trying to create faux sweets and other such substitutes  is the epitome of trying to eat your cake and have it, too. Just doesn’t work. If you would eat a whole batch of regular cookies, chances are very good you will eat a whole batch of faux treats.

The best, smartest, and EASIEST way to get over a problem with sweets/carbs is to turn your back on them. You don’t need them, they don’t taste that good anyway, and if your bigger goal is to be healthy, slim, and free of the cravings, then give up the substitutes.

I’ve had to learn this the hard way; my weight loss would stall using almond bread, for example. Not surprising really, since bread, cookies, and cakes made with almond flour are very high calorie, and often hard on the digestive system. Plus, these foods also can lead to binges on the real thing, since you keep in your mind the idea of bread, cookies, candy, etc.

I’m not an absolutist about diet, so if you can in fact find a couple of things you can enjoy as desserts and not over use them, that’s great. For me ice cream is something I can make that is very satisfying and I’m happy with a small serving.

The psychology of food and eating is very important, and needs to be understood alongside the desire to eat well. Someone came up with the acronym JERF, for just eat real food; that’s the best goal. Eat real food and keep the idea of treats as something rare and even unnecessary.  My present goal is to be an A-1 Jerf-er, and keep away from the temptations that are purely replacements for the old sugary-starchy foods. If we have learned anything about substitutions, and we know from studies on the effects of artificial sweeteners, that people actually eat more, and gain more weight in diets high in them.

My advice: avoid substitutes like the plague. Eliminating such food will make our lives far easier, and we will be leaner and healthy for it.

Yours in learning,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

Want to Be Free of Cravings: Give it 5-6 Months

You want to be free of the horrible cravings. We all do, and that is the hardest part for most of us. For we can do very well for weeks and weeks, then one cookie can set us off on two days to two months of uncontrolled eating. Many different people from Dr. Wolfgang Lutz, to more recently Michael who was on Abel James’ recent podcast, report it takes a consistent several months to eventually move from pure will power to losing the desire for the junk (whatever “junk” is for a given person).

As I’ve written about before, the old brain, or limbic brain, or some call it lizard brain, has had millions of years evolving long before our big frontal lobes developed and we became these awesome thinking creatures we are now; which is why lizard brain which I termed for myself the Kraken, is huge and powerful and easily overwhelms the wee thinking brain/mousey will power if Kraken gets let loose. So even if you have gone for weeks without exceeding, for example 20 carbs a day, one carby meal lifts the steel door and the Kraken emerges to ravage the self-control we think we have. Will power is mostly myth, real power is learning how to stay in charge, giving the mouse-like thinking brain control over the steel door, as it were.  The only way for sugaraholics to do that is to stay away from the sugars-starches-artificial sweets that give power away to the Kraken monster who gets bigger, stronger, and ever more powerful with every bite of high carb food.

BUT, given enough time, at least 5+ months, we one day quit thinking about or wanting the formerly addictive foods. That’s a terrific plus, and reason enough to be faithful to the program.

Yours in faith,

Nan aka Sugarbaby