Sugar is Hard to Kick

Unlike quitting smoking or drinking or doing drugs, all things you never have to do related to living, quitting the brain-numbing foods laden with sugars-starch-artificial sweeteners is to my mind harder. Harder because you have to eat, and food, sharing meals, is so much a part of being social, of our family gatherings, and holiday celebrations. We have to eat. The temptations are so great, and unlike for people quitting the other toxic substances, we can be bombarded by those who don’t believe in what we are doing, who say “a little won’t hurt”; even those who  want to undermine our efforts because it threatens them. I can’t imagine any of the people I know encouraging someone to go ahead and have a drink or a smoke, but they can be relentless when you tell them you don’t do sugars and most carbs. Suddenly everybody becomes an expert, they know better than you or all the knowledgeable people who have researched the subject. So what to do?

My best strategy is to put my needs in terms of health concerns. “I can’t eat sugars or refined foods if I want to avoid diabetes.”  To make it clear that your major concern is health, and you know what you’re doing usually gets people to back off.  If they don’t then you might have to resort to something a bit more aggressive: “What business is it of anybody but me?” “We have to agree to disagree.” But being prepared helps.

I know most people don’t have to eat as strictly as I do, and I’m happy for them, but this is my lot, and it has been damned hard work to figure out the reasons for my extreme sugar sensitivity. I’ve avoided diabetes, which I am very happy about. I still work at my weight, but, that’s life. All-in-all, I feel really lucky when I see people grossly to morbidly obese, because that could have been me. I just hope they can figure out how to manage their health.

Sadly, most doctors, along with most nutritionists and dietitians, still don’t understand the degree of toxicity in sugars-starches-faux sweets, and how it isn’t just a matter of controlling portions or more exercise.  But almost every week I’m seeing more doctors and other health care professionals seeing the light. I live in hope that I will live to see the old models turned on their heads as they should be.

Yours in hope,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

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