The Many Side-Effects of Sugars

Daily it seems I am reading about yet another health problem associated with eating too much or many sugars such as obesity, diabetes, joint problems, dementia, and now even gall stones which used to be linked with fat. Logically, we can take it as gospel that varying much from the diet of our evolutionary ancestors is likely to create problems of both width and breath (can’t resist a pun!). One source said that we should only be eating things we can in essence hunt, fish, pluck and gather in the wild.

The concentrations of sugars even in fruit, as one case in point, is far beyond what any prehistoric person would have gotten; and, keep in mind that they had to eat as the foods became available during seasons for fruiting, not at any old time they felt like going to the market or restaurant.

True, there are a few people who don’t get fat eating sugars, but overwhelmingly most do have weight issues over time, but they are still vulnerable to the hidden effects. True, not everyone develops the insulin resistance that means virtually everything s/he eats is converted to fat thereby leading to hunger, cravings, and fatigue from not enough energy release (aka sugaraholics).

For anything we can offer that is positive about even healthy sources of sugar, at this point in time is far outweighed by the cumulative negatives of too much of any kind of sugars.  Best advice: you won’t have a problem from avoiding sugars, but you could have lots of problems from eating them very often.

Once a sugaraholic, always a sugaraholic.

Nan aka Sugarbaby

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