Good News, More Doctors Getting Wise to Sugars

I am really excited by the number of doctors getting on board the low carb/sugars train. Physicians’ voices carry a lot more weight than voices of purely experience like mine. We want to know doctors are getting and giving us the best advice possible, so we are more than willing to follow. I’ve seen doctor’s blogs, like exploding. I’m sad to report that I had become very disillusioned with this notion over the last ten plus years. But finding so many more physicians, dieticians, nutritionists willing to rethink what they had learned. Or, perhaps never learn and just now getting a true understanding–thank you Gary Taubes!

As I read through the various blogs I scan during the week I keep getting led to new great sites, and today I found Dr. Attia, and I heartily recommend a visit to his site.

We sugaraholics used to think we were just weak, but the news is good from that standpoint that it’s not just us, but most people who react poorly to sugars; only some of us who have become very insulin resistant feel the worst of what sugars can do. I see even in my wider family the great differences in tolerance or desire for sugars; we go from skinny skinny to grossly obese, with most in the middle somewhere.

Doctors are figuring out that one-size does not fit all, but that by knowing the main source of the problem, which is that wide array of foods that become sugars in our bodies, we can at least develop a plan of attack that will work.

Yours in the fight against sugars,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

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