Creating New Habits

I came across the following about how to move towards creating new habits to replace our old, unhealthy habits. I’m always willing to try something new or different if it will help me get to my goals.


In his research on Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Malz established that it takes approximately 21 days of consistent application to change a habit. This time-frame allows for our brains to create new memory traces and for the information to become etched in your brain. With focus, determination, and approximately 3 weeks you can start turning your good intentions into life-long actions.


Irrespective of your habits, the following tips can help you to maximize your investment in yourself:

  • Determine your goals before inviting feedback from others. Being clear of our personal direction minimizes the pressure of committing to another person’s vision of your life.

  • Start slowly. Some of our habits have been nurtured over a lifetime and expecting everything to change overnight can be an exercise in futility.

  • Use visual cues. Start with a list of the benefits or desired outcomes you envision when you successfully establish the habit. Post this list somewhere visible as a reminder of your commitment to yourself.

  • Free your space. Rid your home, office and other areas of any poor-habit supporting items. For example, remove cigarettes and ashtrays if you are trying to stop smoking or remove junk food from your cupboards if the goal is to eat healthier. Minimizing temptation bolsters the energy we need to avoid automatically returning to old habits.

  • Call in the pros. Trying to successfully incorporate healthy habits in our lives sometimes requires the support of a professional. This could mean inviting feedback from a professional organizer to help with organization challenges, working with an advisor to establish sustainable financial habits or joining a team of like-minded individuals.

  • Celebrate the “small wins” and the “big steps”. Recognizing progress at different stages helps us to acknowledge and enjoy the process of change while remaining on task to accomplish our habit goals.


Yours in working towards a better self,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

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