Daily Archives: February 27, 2012

Whole 30!

One popular way of getting up motivational steam for losing weight, or a cleanse, or an exercise regime is to plan a Whole 30, meaning start on March 1st and go for 30 days, for example. As we have plenty of Irish blood, March seems a particularly auspicious month to go thirty days without any sugar-starch-artificial sweeteners*.

My spouse and I have decided to do a March Whole 30 to get some spring cleaning, so for us that will mean sticking to our low carbohydrate plan without interruption the next thirty days, we are starting a little ahead, but it takes a couple of days to get the system rolling.  I like having the calendar posted there above my kitchen desk area and crossing off  each day in bright orange or similar, which shows me our progress. As we are in our middle years, the days go so fast that the thirty days will be over soon.

Getting sugar, simple starches, and artificial sweeteners our of the system is going to be a repeat process; very few people are 100% free of them.  So, when we fall off the wagon for a day, week, or more, the best thing is to have a plan to get back on the path, and the Whole 30-60-90, however long you want or need, is a great mental device to improve our physical health.

Yours in a Whole 30 for March,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

*For this blog starch  means both starch from any grains, as well as from potatoes or other starchy vegetables, and all artificial sweeteners with the exception of small amounts of the natural herb sweetener stevia.