Daily Archives: February 4, 2012

Don’t Get Too Hungry

When avoiding foods that cause us problems we sometimes don’t eat enough or often enough. I used to get into trouble with this all the time. I would be so busy all day long that I wouldn’t stop to eat, but when I did get around to eating, I ate way too much, and my resistance to sugary/starchy junk was very low.

New studies have shown that resistance is indeed much lower and our ability to exercise control or will power or avoid the sugars is lessened. (For more on will power or self control see: http://www.thepsychologist.org.uk/archive/archive_home.cfm?volumeID=25&editionID=210&ArticleID=1997)

I’m now trying to make a point of eating a little something, like a half ounce of cheese or some nut butter on a piece of fiber dense cracker-bread, and the like, to keep my hunger in check while I try to limit my caloric intake, since I’m still working to lose some weight.

Every little bit of new information is helpful, so I keep reading in the hope of learning all I can to insure my health for now and the future.

Yours on the journey of wellness,

Nan aka Sugarbaby