Daily Archives: July 20, 2011

Make a Recording

In working to find ways to help deal with the challenging task of becoming sugar sober, or low carb, it can be very helpful to make yourself a recording to listen to night and morning until you reach your goal. I have done this for any number of things over the years when I felt particularly challenged, and needed to more deeply integrate the thoughts into the deeper mind.

Such devices are old tricks. The military during World War II used records played during the recruits sleep to help solidify their language skills learned during the day. And, in the 1970s a whole realm of self-help and how to succeed tapes were sold. Did they work? Depends on who you ask. Like any tool, recordings are only as good as the consistency of use. So playing a recording a few nights won’t likely help with a big problem like weight loss, or language acquisition.

To make a recording it helps to make a list of thoughts you want to include, so write down all the things that you think matter to you. Then find a quiet time and place, maybe play some meditative instrumental music in the background, then begin by imagining you are talking to yourself or to someone else. Don’t worry if you make a few mistakes, you can always re-record if they bother you, but chances are they won’t.  I find five to ten minutes is long enough, for on my iPod Touch, which I listen to at night, I can set a recording to replay continuously. But even without this asset, you don’t need a long recording, you just need to be faithful to listen to it morning and evening.

Within two or three weeks–even sooner for many– you will notice how improved your behaviors have become; for example, not snacking will start to feel natural.

Even if you can’t make a recording, the act of writing down your hopes, wishes, what it is you want to change has a similar effect. Writing is often called “brain writing” because the very act of forming the thoughts, then writing them out, has been shown to have powerful affect on the brain. It is a kind of two way street where what comes out goes back in, through writing.

I would love to hear about any such tricks you’ve used successfully.

Trying all the means at one’s disposal,

Nan aka Sugarbaby