Daily Archives: July 11, 2011

Excuses, Promises, Delusional Thinking

I read a few blogs faithfully and on each one will be two or three people, more women than men to my dismay, who have more excuses than Bayer has pills.  They can create more scenarios for why they can’t quit sugars, artificial sweeteners, starches than you can offer helpful hints. Why is that?

I believe it is related to my last post which  is they have infantile desires to hold on to their behaviors for reasons we cannot fathom, but in some way serve them.  We know that locked in a room and given the kind of non-sweet wholesome foods recommended by paleo-primal diets these people would not starve, or go crazy, or exhibit most of the symptoms they list as sure things if they change their behaviors. Further, why do they frequent sites that advocate doing the things they really don’t want to do, then?

Most likely somewhere in their inner wisdom they know they are fooling themselves, and maybe hope that the truth will eventually set them free. Or–they crave the attention, for they often do dominate these sites with long involved posts that engender sympathy from many readers.

We can make strides to help ourselves, but only if we accept that we must give up the things that keep us fat, sick, and miserable–and quit hoping and hoping for some magic pill that will allow us to continue eating foods that make us fat, for we know that does not exist.

Yours in honesty,

Nan aka Sugarbaby