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My Annual Winter Hibernation

I haven’t been blogging through the holidays, not because I have been so very busy, but that I am always one step from full blown hibernation through December until the middle of January. I don’t have SAD, seasonal affective disorder, which is associated with a low grade depression as less sun light is available. My issue is simply that I don’t want to do anything but sit in front of the fire reading, drinking many cups of tea, and sleeping a lot.

As a normally high energy person, I found this irritating during my clocking in years, since I couldn’t just go curl up whenever I wanted, but I was highly aware of my lower energy, and especially wanting to stay in bed or go to bed very early.  My theory is that this is a common evolutionary response that most people connect with the cold rather than the lack of sunlight, and it may be both, but it seems logical that our ancestors would have huddle together in their caves to preserve warmth and to preserve their energy stores aka fat levels.  They had worked very hard through the spring, summer, fall to put that energy on their bodies, and they knew that they would have to last out several months of very little food; obviously this would not be the case in warm regions, but true for those ancestors in the higher and lower regions of the globe.

A couple days ago I felt the lift of the lifting of the sun, and am now ready to get back to my normal activities.

I am happy to be reading that the no-sugar and low-sugar way of eating is getting more publicity with every day, which it great news. The doubters, along with those who benefit by our population being addicted to the sugars-starches-artificial sweeteners are not going to just step aside because the truth is getting some press. We still have to work at educating ourselves and those we care about if we want to have healthy lives unencumbered by the diseases of obesity.


I lost all my writing on this post which is aggravating. I’m not highly skilled or even very knowledgeable about these blogs, but my goof tonight may be due to what I was/am writing about which is the low period I experience every year from late November until late January. Not SAD, or seasonal affective disorder,  in my case, just a desire to do little beside cook and eat lotcomfort foods like soups, stews, casseroles, roasted meats. In other words I’m feeling very lazy.

I first noticed this in myself forty years or so ago, when I was right out of college. This is the only time of the year when I want to stay in bed after I awake,  for I’m mainly a morning person; when I do get up all I want to do is drink endless cups of tea, eat, read or watch television, preferably old movies.

Makes sense in light of evolution; that our prehistorical ancestors would want to preserve all the lovely fat they had stored from the summer and autumn bounty. We are still working with brains that think we should still be doing the  same things despite modernity.

When I was younger I always put on 5-7 pounds in the winter and then quickly lost it during the spring and summer’ but with age I didn’t lose it, so the pounds piled on over the years. I had to change to a low carb program, and most importantly get rid of the sugars-starches from grains-most artificial sweeteners.  A cleaner diet has helped me stop the uphill piling on and head back downhill. Just wish I could have my semi-hibernation and still get everything done my modern life calls for; but there it is.

Yours in longing for the cave,

Nan aka Sugarbaby