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Lack of Sleep Makes You Crave Junk

I learned this through hard experience of several years very poor sleep. This article sums up some research that addresses why we are vulnerable when fatigued.

A Sugar Addict’s E-book

This is a good resource for sugaraholics:

History of Sugar

The latest issue of National Geographic magazine has a great article on the history of sugar, and the current problems of obesity and health from our massive consumption.

Sugar/Food Addiction: Is it real?

Came across yet another study that lends credence to the the addictive quality in highly processed sugars/starches:

Diets Can Cause Obesessive Food Thoughts

There are several books on the market from Bob Schwartz, Rob Stevens, Josie Spinnardi (some good youtube videos:, and more, that talk about the dangers of dieting, mainly food restriction. Several studies have shown that people eat more when they go on calorie restricted diets, and may have long term challenges in getting away from thinking about food all the time.

I know I was stuck in a place for several years where it seemed I was constantly thinking about food. A mentally unhealthy place to be. While it is important to have a good basic paleo or HFLC general plan, or whatever works for you,  for many people, the non-perfectionists of us, can begin to be overly concerned with food, and soon lose the connection between food and hunger, so that food becomes a tool to assuage emotional issues. 

Even on the best of plans–paleo is big for me–it is possible to eat too much for the wrong reasons. What I learned from reading about hunger-driven eating, or intuitive eating, is that it is important to only eat when one is truly hungry, and not because of false craving-driven ideas about a need for food. I spent a few days getting back in touch with eating only when I really felt that twang in the upper solar plexus that is one of the main signals for true hunger, and found not too surprisingly that as someone with a pretty slow metabolism I only was hungry once in the day, around 6-7pm. Letting hunger be my guide also improved my appreciation for my food, and everything tastes much better when seasoned by hunger, as the French say.

There is a huge sense of freedom when you begin to practice only eating when hungry, and not by the clock, or by the promptings of television ads, or the smells from the food court in the mall. Also, it’s important to divorce food from any other activities like reading or watching television, since that leads to considerable mindless eating. 

Yours in the effort towards good health,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

Is Sugar Toxic?

A great post from Dr. Peter Attia (A-tee-ah) on the topic of sugar toxicity. For me there is no question that I have a toxic reaction to sugar; it makes me feel awful, and if that doesn’t indicate toxicity, I can’t imagine what would. Dr. Attia is working with Gary Taubes on getting more science behind the problems of modern carbohydrates in our diets.

Enjoy, but be prepared to read in small doses:

Yours in learning,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

Yikes! Little Things Big Results

Here’s the kind of thing that happens when you are monitoring your blood glucose: I had two big free range chicken breasts and in my fridge was a bottle of chipotle-something marinade, which had 10 grams of sugar per 2 Tbs. So I smeared some on each and put them in the oven. They were delicious. But this morning when I did my first BG test I had a jump of 18points–yikes! I immediately threw out the rest of that sauce. Sometimes you don’t realize that things can have a bigger reaction that you think, but since that was the only food I ate that could have contributed to the increase, I know it was that sauce.

My BG is decent, though on the high end of normal, and I want it in the middle of normal– or lower. But I’m convinced that monitoring my BG fairly regularly these last three years has made a big difference.

I recommend to anyone, regardless of health, fitness, age, or weight to do some regular BG monitoring, because what you do now may mean the difference it what happens down the road. I wish I had started 15 years ago.

Yours in keeping on top of problems,

Nan aka Sugarbaby