It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA

We in the States are taught in our early school years the story of how the Puritan pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving and invited the Native American Indians who helped them survive, but not that they brought the tradition of the harvest festival from England to the new world; we also didn’t/don’t get taught that the native peoples of this land, as well as people in every part of the globe, have festivals or celebrations that celebrate harvest, hunt, or kill.  All of our ancestors knew as few do now how critical food is to survival. For most of human history humans struggled to get enough food; only in the most recent centuries has mechanization, chemistry, and technology allowed for such abundance in the west, in particular. Now we have the opposite problem of too much so-called food, and too little real nutrition.

Today, then, my spouse and and will celebrate good health we have in finding freedom from the processed junk that fills our grocery markets, and enjoying nutrition as did our earlier ancestors. We all can be thankful every day for all that is good in our lives.

Yours in thankfulness,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

PS: See our Thanksgiving Day dinner here.

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