Daily Archives: October 30, 2012

Joy When the Changes Stick

I was so happy when my spouse said he only wanted one of my no sugar options for his birthday. He never needed the changes as much as I did/do, but he feels so much better, and lost about 30lbs so he’s his college weight again, that he far prefers our no-sugar/starch way of eating. ┬áHe is also aware that most of the truly critical changes come from the cells, the inside, out, and in all mean more to longevity, health, and fitness than just the weight.

When the changes that are sometimes very hard enact do stick, and they will with enough time and patience, you cease to feel put-upon, or in some way deprived, for you know what you are doing is the best thing you could be doing for your brain and body.

I now have so many great recipes, and tons are out there online, that it is easy to find a delicious alternative to the old sugar-starch options. We feel like we could not have made better changes, and can never envisage going back to the old habits. Further, many in our wider family have gotten on board with, in some case, dramatic benefits. So the message is, never give up, keep on trying, and you will eventually get where you want to be.

Yours in learning and growing,

Nan aka Sugarbaby