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Truly Thankful: Feast vs Famine

I splurged this Thanksgiving even while eating mostly according to my low carb normal diet.  We do well to remember that our evolutionary ancestors both feasted and went through periods of sometimes prolonged famine. When food was available they ate like crazy to store as much of those calories as possible in preparation for the coming days of little food, especially in the winter.  The system the human body evolved worked for feast and famine wonderfully for most our human history.

As we all know the problem for us these days is that there is never a shortage of food for most of us, in fact quite the opposite. Food is everywhere, especially cheap starchy-sugary forms of mass manufactured food.

Since I mainly work at staying in ketosis, or what the body perceives as famine, using up my stored body fat, my belief is that once in a while, like on Thanksgiving, and total half-dozen  other feast days of my year, that having a bang-up feast is even good for me.  The key is knowing that the feast must stop, and go back to fat burning, which can be very hard for lots of people.

Back to my regular life after visiting with loved ones and celebrating our Thanksgiving Day, I feel revived and happy.  That’s what we ought to feel. Not guilty, miserable, worried, but happy we live in such good times and have the knowledge to live in a way that makes us maximally healthy and happy.

Yours in thankfulness,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

Taubes’ Message Spreading

I am pleased to see that Gary Taubes who has done so much to help raise the red flag on sugar and HFCS , along with Dr. Robert Lustig, is getting his message out farther and wider that ever. I found this article in Mother Jones magazine that is certainly worth your time: