Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

Hello Sugaraholics!

I was/am a sugar baby, child, young adult, adult. At no point in my life was my brain not being flooded by sugar, which as some researchers have said (Dr. Robert Lustig most recently), if it were created today it would be a controlled substance.

I was lucky that for over half my life  I was lean, though only moderately fit. However, as I grew older I had cravings that grew, too. Eventually, after much denial, wishing, hoping, rationalization, and all the rest, I had to accept that I was and am a Sugaraholic.  After lots of anxiety about this one area over which I seemed to have virtually no control, I learned I was insulin resistant (IR), which means whatever an IR person eats is converted to fat before any energy is used, and the body won’t let go of the stored energy aka fat, which leaves a person constantly tired from lack of energy, and always craving. It’s like living in a freezing house in the winter, with plenty of fuel available, but the furnace doesn’t work.

A Sugaraholic is usually on his/her way IR, or extremely sensitive to the reaction of sugar on the brain (sugar acts on the brain exactly like heroin or cocaine), someone who cannot resist the call of the constant cravings stimulated by the drinking or eating of carbohydrates, sugars, and even artificial sweeteners.  The only way to break this pattern is to cease and desist; to stop consuming that which is making life a craving misery, a binge hell.

Join with me and all the rest who struggle with sweet cravings,  to bring insight and information to overcoming this problem.                                                                                 Yours,                                                                                                                                      Sugarbaby