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The Forces Within

This is Memorial Day weekend and I am thinking of my son and others who have served, many have died, to protect our country. My deepest wish is that no one who serves should be forgotten or neglected.

We understand what it means to fight an enemy that is outside us, but what about the forces within. Those forces are not our enemy for they evolved to insure our survival, but sadly Mother Nature doesn’t know we aren’t still living as hunter-gatherers. Mother Nature has not caught up to modern times when we see food everywhere in the media, and can get food on every corner; not just food, but the most highly condensed calories of the most addictive quality.

Remember the old Parkay margarine commercial (ironic on several levels): You can’t fool Mother Nature! Well, that is true. You can’t fool the way your body will react to sugar-sweet tastes-carbs, nor can we escape the long term consequences of a diet artificially concentrated with all kinds of sugars, sweet tastes, faux foods, frankenfoods, and chemicals from herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, et al, that Mother Nature never equipped us to handle. So people eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), are flooding a primitive system with complex and poisonous products, and we wonder why we are become morbidly obese faster than ever, and in ever greater numbers.

The forces within, that limbic brain designed by Mother Nature over thousands of millenia, is far greater power than our frontal lobes where rational thinking resides.

For many, if not most people, continuing to eat sugars-sweet tastes-most carbs is fighting against a force you cannot defeat.

Yours in strength, working with, not against, Mother Nature,