ADF Update

I am happy to say that Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) is going very well eleven days in. I’m having no issues or hunger on the fasting days; if a food thought does arise I just drink something like tea or ice water.

I feel a surprising lack of interest in food in general on the fast day, and have had no desire to over-eat on eating days; in fact, I seem to be eating less and feeling full faster.  I’ve been reading ADF posts on Reddit, and the people who struggle are carb eaters; their brains are always in “eat” mode. When you eat a very low carb diet, that just doesn’t happen.

Now approaching the middle of the month, so the time flies; I suspect I will just continue after May is over. This form of Intermittent Fasting (IF) is to my mind easier, and more productive. I’ve had a lot of energy on fast days; less on eating days, and I don’t need to worry about making meals. I make enough food on eating days for my spouse to have meals the next day without my help.

Our anniversary is coming up on a scheduled fasting day so we’ll celebrate the next day. I don’t feel any compunction to break the momentum. With the current covid-19 situation, we won’t be going out to restaurants any time soon, anyway.

ADF is for me a better form of IF. I’d encourage those who have weight still to lose to consider it.

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