Daily Archives: July 16, 2015

Yuk! Everything is too sweet.

I’ve been off sugar and most starches, as well as any artificial sweeteners but a little stevia and erythritol, for years now, and it is true that with time you will lose most of your desire for sweets, especially for sugaraholics. I always had a sweet tooth, but the longer I’m away from sweets, the less I want them. The real surprise, though, is how much I dislike most of the sweet things I used like.

Today, on an impulse while grocery shopping at my favorite Wegman’s, I got a bottle of diet iced tea, a brand I used to often get, but I threw away most of it for it was so overpoweringly sweet tasting. I said “Yuk!” right out loud. ¬†Another thing I used to love was Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but the last few times I had a taste, it was really unplalatable.

Same goes for bread. For years I made most of the bread we ate, I loved bread, but really don’t miss it anymore. ¬†So, given time, many things that used to be triggers become much less desirable. But the catch is, if you start to eat those foods again with any regularity, the old habit pathways will open right back up. At this point I can’t imagine doing that with sweets since most of those sweet foods don’t taste good anymore, but I wouldn’t risk it with good whole grained breads.

So that’s the good news: be patient, and sugar becomes much less potent in your thoughts, and diet.

Yours in patience,

Nan aka Sugarbaby