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Frequency of Eating

The past month I have been reading many studies and blogs regarding the frequency of eating in relation to fat storage, and concluded that it is best for anyone with struggles in losing weight, especially people like myself who were/are insulin resistant, to avoid eating too many times a day. Apparently the more often we eat the more fat is stored versus being burned for energy, so if you are a snacker which I have been much of my later adult life, you may want to try a week or two of eating only at 2-3 set times during the day, and taking care not to overeat at those times.

For many years, and even now, a great many health organizations, nutritionists, and doctors suggested frequent smaller meals to keep the blood sugar a bit more level, but for some of us this is simply an invitation to eat too much over the course of the day. While we in the hflc community know that the old calories-in-calories-out rational of weight gain or loss is outmoded, and simply wrong, it is still true that if you take in more than your body requires for basic functioning, then your body will store the excess as fat.

For a good review of the latest study out of the Netherlands on feeding frequency:


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Nan aka Sugarbaby

Allergy to Sugar?

While not common (some experts say it is not possible) it seems there are some people who are allergic to sugar, or have symptoms very like allergies to various forms of sugars. I know my mother was highly allergic to honey, which is also not all that common. Of course, many people are allergic to grains, especially gluten grains, which might appear to be an allergy to sugar, when the allergy is really the foundation the sugar may be laid upon.

As with many allergies, people often strangely crave the very thing that cause them problems. Why, no one seems to know. Here are a few studies I found relating to sugar allergies: