Information is Better than Bans

The news is hot with New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large soft drinks especially considering all the real governing that’s ignored in the process. The better action would be to have clear nutrition labels on all fast food packaging, like on the side of soda cups, so people can see how much they are ingesting of sugars, artificial colors and sweeteners, etc. Information is good, bans are almost always bad. Further it’s a foolish to hypocritical action in light of how much junk you can get legally in any food place in NYC. Even a M&M store!

Legislating in this piecemeal fashion does little to address the primary issue that people need to understand that sugars to the tune of up to 20-30 spoons of sugar are in these beverages. Fruit juice is very little better, so making soda a scapegoat doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. All sugars need to be identified and made clear with labeling.

Yours in commonsense,

Nan aka Sugarbaby


2 responses to “Information is Better than Bans

  1. Food is labeled but a 64 oz. soda at a movie theater is not. Soda companies fight labeling and fought GMO warning labels successfully. The restriction does little, but a little is a lot when you reduce the serving size. NYC also already has an aggressive education campaign that shows how much sugar is in those drinks. The information is out there and people are still drinking because they’re addicted!

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