The 3 Rs: Rational, Realistic, Right

I have been deliberate in stating that I believe for many of us that sugar becomes addictive and that we must steer clear of sugars-starches-artificial sweeteners if we hope to be free of constant cravings, improve our health, or get weight in check.

One component in this for me is to follow the 3 Rs, and be rational, realistic, right, meaning: be rational in accepting you have to make choices, and the ones that are going to lead to freedom from sugar cravings, bingeing, weight problems require changes of habits, acquiring new habits/behaviors that allow us to pursue our life goals more easily and with less suffering; realistic in that you didn’t get the problems overnight, and it will take time and diligence to develop new good habits, and there is some sacrifice on the front end that leads to the great benefits down the road; right in that regardless of what anyone else can do/eat/drink, if I can’t then I must choose to do what is right for me, regardless of how many people tell me I’m wrong, or eating a fad diet, or other–usually totally uneducated–opinions.

Most people can find themselves in a rut, feeling low/self-pity/blue/deprived and use that for an excuse for going off the healthy path. We must often remind ourselves that we have good brains, and can be careful decision-makers: don’t go to the fast food places where you typically go overboard, don’t give yourself permission to eat between meals, etc. Make a plan, and work at sticking to it.

We can be past masters of rationalization, making excuses, thinking that all will change tomorrow, but nothing will change that you/I don’t make change.

So, of late, I find that while things are easier, I still have to make adaptations, give my self pep-talks or a kick-in-the-pants, whatever it takes to keep moving in the right direction.

If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Yours in the 3 Rs,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

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