Spring is Good Season to Get Off Any Junk + Some Pounds

With all the burgeoning going on around us here in the mid-Atlantic area I’m mindful that this season of regeneration is an especially good time to make changes. Our bodies are programmed for them, in fact.

Many of us remember how we would put on a few pounds in the late fall and winter, then as we got out and about, ate more green stuff, thought about the bathing suit season approaching, found that those pounds seemed to just fall  off.

Fall off they did, but it came about because of our behaviors. We are ready for changes after the sedentary nature of winter for most of us. I long to get out and plant a few annuals, do some gardening clean up, wash the car, clean out a few closets, and generally move. My walks get more energized, too. I feel less cravings for food than I do in the fall and winter. So it all works together to help.

As I got older, though, after 40, those pounds began to want to cling, and I’ve had to get progressively more restrictive in my diet. Now I’m down to one main meal a day, with only some protein shake if I get really hungry, but generally I don’t. I’m actually finding this one of the most freeing things I’ve done for myself. So more pounds going, which at this stage of life is really a big deal for me.  Happily, most people just need to eliminate the carb-laden junk that is made only with sugar-grains-artificial sweeteners. Get those out of your life, and you will never regret it.

To spring and all things new,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

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