The More Sugar You Eat, the Less Pleasure it Gives

I was struck by a comment actor Michael Fassbinder made on a talk show about the role he plays of a sex addict in the movie “Shame”; he says of addiction:

 “It would be a similar circumstance if you make a parallel to an alcoholic,” Fassbender tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. “An alcoholic doesn’t enjoy a drink, but it gets to a point where when you wake up in the morning, you have to get a bottle of liquor in your system just in order to function. … The addiction totally takes over so the pleasure center dwindles, and it’s more about satisfying the compulsion. That’s the scenario with Brandon.”
That’s right, and we know it. Any pleasure we  might have once gotten from sugars-starch-artificial sweeteners gets less the more you consume. So it’s best to remember that and how we’ve often been held back by giving in to sugars-starch. The great architect Mies Van der Rohe said “less is more,” and I think this is very true when it comes to our health and how we approach any food that is clearly not a healthy option, or any food that we know is a trigger.
To the daily vigilance required to be in good health and happy.
Nan aka Sugarbaby

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