Weight Loss & Maintenance Tips to Keep on Track

I found the basics of the list below somewhere, but can’t remember where,  so thank you to the source whoever you may be  I’ve also added some of my own since as Sugaraholics we have some special concerns.

I found that as soon as I quit weighing often and tracking my food most days, I would begin to get in trouble.  Weighing regularly means that you must keep in mind the nature of the 1-3 pound weight fluctuation on any given day and look at the overall trend. For instance, if I eat cured ham, a high salt food, I will easily weigh 3-4 pounds more the next morning. Most people weight about 2-3 pounds more in the evening that first thing in the morning.  So, to avoid becoming a slave of the scale, remember it can be affected by what you eat, the environmental pressure, and many other things.  For me, the scale is a tool, and each morning I step on my scale, it is a reminder of what I have worked hard to achieve and what I want to continue to do.

Tracking my food is also essential for me. I have a hearty appetite, even when I’m sick; the only times I have not wanted to eat were the very few times when I was depressed about something serious, and when I get an upset stomach.  I suppose having a good appetite is a good thing in the grand evolutionary scheme of things, but for someone who has to watch every bite that goes in, it can mean I easily can eat more than I need without really over-eating as most people understand it.  So entering my food and watching the counts of calories, carbs, protein, fat mount up, reminds me that while I might enjoy eating three ounces of nuts, in order to lose or maintain I can only eat one ounce.

Also, my regular tracking shows me the potential problems, like foods that I need to keep an eye on; for instance, if I start eating too much of a particular food that may create cravings, and the triggers vary for each person. Recently, I noticed that I was adding carrots far more than I ever had before, and since carrots are fairly carb rich for people like me, I have to remember to use them as a little flavoring, but not allow the calories-carbs to build up in using them. Lots of people get into this with 80% or more dark chocolate, which is low sugar, but can still create cravings for carb sensitive people.

You might want to compile your own list of things you know you need to do, and you can modify it as you go along.  The one thing that seems absolutely certain is that the main reason people fail to maintain their weight loss on paleo-low carb diets is that they gradually go back to the habits that got them over-weight and/or unhealthy in the first place.  Stephen Gullo called in the FQ Principle, when first the Frequency, then the Quantity, of problem foods increases.  Having a few tips under your belt means you won’t fall into that trap.

Yours in the on-going work,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

Weight loss & maintenance success tips:
Avoid sugars, starch, artificial sweeteners
Weigh daily                                                                                                                                     Know calorie & carb counts
Journal food (I’m a fan of Livestrong.com)                                                                    Weigh/measure food
Learn portion sizes
Nurture support (spouses/partners/kids are very important)
Exercise for good blood flow to brain and for muscle strength
Be accountable                                                                                                                                Don’t make excuses
Persistence is key
Envision your goals
Positive mindset
Make better choices
Maintain motivation
Exercise for better health- mind and body
Be passionate to lose
Think thin
Practice better habits like no eating while watching TV.
Choose health over immediate gratification
Make health and weightless a priority                                                                                     Remember you want and deserve to be healthy, lean, and fit.

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