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Support Systems

No matter how good the eating program may be sometimes it can be hard to implement the program if we are surrounded by people and foods that would undermine our resolve.

I’m very lucky to have a supportive spouse who works with me, and no kids in the house, but I have known many people who get push back from partners, spouses, children, and friends when they try to eliminate the old standard American/western diet (SAD) for lchf, lower calorie, or any of the low carb healthier plans. I also know when our grand-girls are here for a visit, I find my eating is much more of a struggle, and have been known to go off the tracks here and there.

For many people the value of programs like Weight Watchers (WW) and TOPs, lies in the support they receive for making the diet changes. While I disagree with the WW platform, I have known several people to be successful with weight loss on WW because of the support and encouragement.

A better program for many people who struggle with cravings, binges, and overeating in general, is Overeaters Anonymous (, which doesn’t advocate any particular diet, and focuses on abstinence from trigger foods (usually sugars and grain-based foods). They follow the model of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), using a 12-step approach that for many is very helpful; plus they have online and telephone meetings as well as face-to-face meetings so you can get support anywhere or anytime, especially if you get a sponsor. Many people have a true addictive response to sugars/grains, since those foods act on the same part of the brain as opioids and alcohol, so OA can be a great way to get support for people with addictive eating or eating disorders.

I read of a study (could have been this one I’ve linked) some years ago that found when people had a weight-loss buddy, sponsor, friend, they had much higher success. This makes sense, for it adds the element of accountability. When faced with the chocolate cake, we are more likely to ignore its call if we know we have someone who will ask how we are doing with our food.

During the holidays many of us feel the challenge of avoiding the old high-carb foods of the past as we meet with family and friends for the festive occasions. Additionally, especially during holidays, work places, and other meeting places, can be minefields for people working to get and stay low carb. Always being prepared is a great goal, but also requires good discipline to make sure we don’t give in to foods that can trigger eating in unhealthy ways. Few of us are always prepared. Having a support system in place can make the process of avoiding old trigger foods much easier.

One thing I know, and so do you, we are never happier for eating poorly, so doing whatever it takes to get the support needed to be healthy is a good way to go.

Hoping you have the support you need.


Nan aka Sugarbaby