Monthly Archives: July 2014

So Much Good Information

I have been lazy about keeping this blog updated in part due to spending a lot of my small amount of free time reading all the good information that is coming to light about low sugar, low carb, paleo, ketogenic eating, along with the recipe sites I enjoy. The word is finally getting out that we were duped into believing we could eat all the processed foods, meaning sugar, starch, and fat combinations, without having to deal with consequences. Look around you to see how wrong that was. Prior to the 1980s, it was unusual to see a very heavy person, and especially a very heavy child, now it is commonplace, and all too sad for those who have to deal with the often devastating consequences.

Just to get back in the groove, I am giving you a few of the sites I enjoy the most: /r/paleo or /r/keto or /r/low carb

Also search on the New York Times webpage for some of the latest information, of course you can do the same on any major newspaper, or just Google. Isn’t life good in the information age?

Yours in learning,

Nan aka Sugarbaby