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Fifty Years Ago

This morning I have been listening to the radio and television reminiscences about President John Kennedy, shot fifty years ago today. I was home sick with tonsillitis; my mother had the television on in the living room, and I heard from my bedroom the horrible news that our president had been shot.  A terrible event for the country.

As I was listening to all the nostalgic reports, I was thinking back over all those years, and forgive me, but what came to mind was that it seems to me that was the last time our western diet was somewhat normal, right before all the junky food took over.

Our lives are marked in many ways, and these major events certainly stay with us and affect the whole of our lives.

Yours in looking back,

Nan aka Sugarbaby

Research: Diet and Insect Behavior

I read this some months back, kept forgetting to post, but this research gives an indication that behavior is in part driven by dietary consumption. Who knows, maybe that’s why our politicians can’t seem to get any work done–they need to get off carbs.